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All The Right Noises "TV Special" - Ticket

All The Right Noises "TV Special" - Ticket



This is a ticket * to watch the Thunder All The Right Noises TV Special.

The TV Special will be streamed from 19:00 on March 13th 2021, and will stay up for 48 hours afterwards (you can watch as many times as you like during that period).

The program features songs from the new album "All The Right Noises", as well as classic Thunder tunes from years gone by. 

Unfortunately Ben was unwell, and unable to take part in the filming on Feb 26th. The rest of the band performed with guests Rob Harris (guitar), Sam Tanner (keys), Julie "The Duchess" Maguire (BVs), and Carly Greene (BVs). The performance was live, recorded then edited after filming, in order to create the best possible viewing experience for you, the ticket buyer.

A Unique Show

Covid-19 restrictions meant there could be no audience in the room, so the performance was filmed to make it feel like a TV show.

Thunder Channel Members Got To Take Part

Thunder Channel members watched the making of some of the program on the filming day (Feb 26th) via video, and took part in a Q&A session. If you'd like information about Thunder Channel membership please copy and paste this link into your browser.

Purchase Instructions - Important:

When you buy your ticket *, you'll have to create a customer account and a password at the same time. Make a note of these details, as you'll need to enter them in order to view the program.

Full instructions on how to watch will be emailed to you after purchase, by Single Music, our streaming partner.

* You won't receive a physical ticket, because you don't need one to watch the show at home.