IMPORTANT - Before you place an order please visit our SIZING INFO page and ensure you've read all the information there. Thanks.

Question Time

Q. What is the Retro Store?

A. It's a new store that sells our old designs, and more besides.

Q. Are these old moth eaten tees from years ago that you found in a warehouse?

A. No, they're all brand new tee shirts, printed to order, using the latest "direct to garment" printing process.

Q. How is this different to the tees you sell on tour or on Thunder Shop?

A. Those tees are printed using silk screen technology. They're mass printed for tours and albums. When the tour is finished, we can't stock everything, so they're discontinued as the sizes sell out. Retro Store tees are all printed to order.

Q. So can I order any design in any size and choose the tee colour too?

A. Pretty much. Good isn't it?

Q. Why are these tees more expensive than those on Thunder Shop?

A. The actual tees are the same quality as the tees we always sell, it's just the printing process that's different, and the fact that they're made to order. The "direct to garment" printing process costs a bit more, but your tee will be a one off, made for you, in the size and colour of your choice, so we hope you'll agree it's worth the extra.

Q. If I buy one and it's the wrong size, can I return it for a refund, or exchange it for another size?

A. Sorry no, each tee is bespoke, and created according to the specifications of the buyer, and so they are unique. With so many sizes, colours and designs, there is very little chance we could sell your tee to anyone else. Our sizing chart comes from the manufacturer, so it should be used to select the size you need before buying. In general we recommend buying the next size up if you're unsure.

Q. Will all the old Thunder tee shirt designs eventually be sold in the Retro Store?

A. It's entirely possible that we will add more and more designs. It will ultimately depend how popular the concept is with fans.

Q. There's a design I liked ages ago, but it's not listed here. Can you make it for me?

A. If you have a hankering for an old design that's not sold here yet, let us know, and we'll see what we can do.